Monday, June 8, 2015

Breaking News!

Cindy is working on a fabric/painting. 

Hooray!  This morning at Hope Center for the Arts we were all told about some BIG NEWS!  Everyone was so excited and joyful.  We were officially told today that after years of waiting, looking and searching.......we have finally......leased.....a new building to house our program!  All of the client/artists  are looking forward to more room and air conditioning! 
Some of the new things we will have are; a drop off and pick up area for the buses, lots of room and space.  Bigger bathrooms, a sports area, a garden, dedicated art rooms, music rooms and computer rooms. We will also be having some new classes, such as Horticultural Therapy, ceramics and independent living skills. 
There will be more information and photos to come soon. 
We are all very excited to get our show on the road for the move.  The new facility is within a mile of our current place so the move won't take us too far, just a hop, skip and a jump!
Stay tuned for more information as it comes in. 

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