Monday, July 6, 2009

Painting A Mural!

The students of Hope University have teamed up with the clients at Integrity House in Santa Ana California. Students and clients from both facilities created artwork to be used on the exterior walls of Integrity House. It was then put together in collage fashion and made larger. They then drew it on the walls and are now filling it in with color. There is also a section of mosaic! Here are some photos of the mural, Hope U students, parents and Integrity house clients working together to create an amazing piece of art on the exterior walls of the Integrity House building.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Very Special Arts Showcases Hope U Student Art

In April we were proud to participate in the Very Special Arts Festival in Orange County California at the Westfield Main Place. Hope University Students performed for the crowd along with many other talented persons with disabilities. Several of our students' art work was chosen for the traveling show as well as one piece was used and the artist honored with a tee-shirt design for the Very Special Arts! Tanette, we are so proud of you and your wonderful 'puppy' block print.
Then in May the students were able to take a field trip to the mall to view the art on display. We also had a wonderful day window shopping and enjoying a special lunch in the food court.
Here we have Richard Groves smiling next to his art, a photo of the Hope University art display, Mikki and Howard enjoying the mall and Tom Veltman smiling after a fun lunch.