Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Etsy Preview...Cards!

Two linoleum block prints by Miguel A. and Cindy H.

A lovely pen and ink drawing by Ana P.

A gently colored card by Chris F. along with a study in repetition by Joanna B.
Soon to be in our etsy shop are cards!  Each card is a reproduction of one of the Hope University student's artwork.  We have pen and ink, linoleum block prints, hand drawn images and paintings.  Each one with it's own unique charm.  All of the cards are blank on the inside for you to add your own sentiment, yet if you would like to special order them with one you can by emailing or calling us for your order.  We have so many talented people here at Hope so the selection will be grand. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yarn Bomb?

Clients and instructors visiting from AbilityFirst.
Terry is very happy to be knitting on the loom.
Karen G. and her mother create pieces for the installation.
Michelle Miller/Fickle Knitter discusses knitting with Cindy H.
Pei-Lin and her mother enjoy the fiber arts together.
Objects from the 'wrapping' station.
Rene and her mother work together on the knitting loom.
Pieces of bright colored weaving along with the many tubes that will be installed.
Our videographer Stephanie Serna interviewing student Frank L's mother. 

The students of Hope University are preparing for a bomb...a yarn bomb that is!  We received a grant from the VSA to create a 'yarn bomb' and present this concept along with knitting, weaving and other fiber related arts to other facilities and the community.  We have done knitting and fiber arts workshops at several other facilities including Social Vocational Services in Norwalk, AbilityFirst in Long Beach and Fairview State Hospital in Costa Mesa, California.
On March 14th, we hosted a 'knit-in' here at Hope to bring together parents, volunteers and clients from some of the other facilities we visited to get together and have some fiber art fun!  We had a weaving station, a knitting station, a stitching station and a wrapping station.  The weavers worked collectively on our rigid heddle looms, the knitters used both needles and the knitting looms, the stitch-ers sewed and embroidered while the wrappers, wrapped various objects with yarn. We were also assited by the knitting celebrity, Michelle Miller, the 'Fickle Knitter' who helped us knit a piece for the installation.  Thank you Michelle!
 As you can see the 'knit-in' was a success!
Our installation will be at the Westfield Mainplace Mall in Santa Ana, California on the 19th of April, ready for the VSA celebration at the mall on Saturday the 20th, where several of our Hope U students will be performing along with other persons with disabilities from around Orange County and beyond.  We will also have demonstrations and a 'mini class' of weaving so anyone can create a piece for the yarn bomb.  We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Happenings in Fiber Arts at Hope!

Christie learns to weave.
Ana has caught the weaving bug.
A warped and woven Cricket loom.
Crystal shows off a weaving shuttle.
Tanette loves to weave.
A point of view of weaving view.
The weaving station is attracting a lot of attention.

The Hope University Fiber Arts program has expanded into WEAVING!  We have acquired 4 new Cricket rigid heddle looms for the students to use.  As soon as they were warped and ready to go several students jumped at the chance to weave.  They are enjoying it so much and are feeling very successful creating beautiful fabric on the loom.  You can look forward to seeing new items appear in our Etsy shop and at our various Boutiques during the year to come as we explore the therapeutic fun of our new rigid heddle looms.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun At Hope University

Joanna making Valentine's.
Oscar looks happy about the goodies in his bag.
Melanie stirs the white chocolate for the strawberries.

Yummy Valentine's Day treats. 
Lori and Brian enjoy the day.
Miguel plays a Valentine's Day themed Bean Bag Toss game as Richard looks on.
Pei Lin is thinking about all of the Valentine's she will get.
Joe enjoys singing Karaoke. 

On the 14th of February we had a party to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Students made Valentine's to give to their friends, filled up bags with Valentine's Day loot, played games, sang Karoke and had a DJ with a dance.   Here are a few of the students highlights.  
"I liked the dancing."  Pei Lin Stotler
"My favorite part was listening to the music."  Margaret Kelley
"I had fun passing out my Valentines to all of my friends." Rene Smith
"Singing Karaoke was my favorite part of the day." Carol Wallen
"I liked doing the Bean Bag Toss." Jennifer Doyle

A wonderful day was had by all.