Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Admiring the Mural

Cindy H. admires the mosaic.

Darren C. gets up close to a leaf.

Vicki V. poses with a flower.

Joanna B. with a car.

Rene, Chris and Karen enjoy their veggie burgers.

Hallway art gallery.

Diane, Chris and Rene view the art work.

This week the students of Hope University are took several small groups on a field trips to Integrity House in Santa Ana California.  We had  lunch with them, enjoyed the hallway art gallery and admired our beautiful mural which was created in tandem with that program.  Students, staff and volunteers from Hope University all collaborated in creating the mural on the outside of the Integrity House building.  It incorporates drawings, paintings and mosaics of the students art work. Whimsical and representational as well as some portraits of the clients at Integrity House.  We enjoyed veggie burgers, french fries, salad, apples slices and lentil soup, all of which were prepared by the staff and clients at Integrity House. 
On the dedication addition to the mural it states:
Trees represent a place of shelter.
Flowers represent the blossoming of a person.
Birds represent the ability to soar beyond other peoples expectations.
All of these are true about both programs and the students and clients who attend them. 
They find shelter and understanding with peers and staff at their programs.
They blossom as people, friends, family members and productive members of society.
They often soar well beyond all expectations put upon them by society and even themselves!
All so very true, and so much can be learned from them and their amazing ABILITIES!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Product Parade

White felt trees with buttons, sewn by Ana P. and Christie C.

Green felt and circle trees, sewn by Carol R., Ana P. and Cindy H.

Sea horse drawn by Tanette T., sewn by Cindy H.

Potato Man, drawn by Patty M. and sewn by Cindy H.

Hand knitted pin cushion, pen/pencil holder, knitted by Cindy H.

Hand knitted/felted purse, knitted by Lori S.

Felt fun food sewn by Cindy H.

Hand knitted/felted purse, knitted by Lori S.

Hand knitted/felted purse, knitted by Cindy H.

The Hope University students have been hard at work all year producing product for sale at our annual Holiday Program.  Along with classes in art, music, computer, dance, math, reading and geography they also make lovely items to raise money for the school.  Here you see several new items added this year by our amazing and talented students.  The staff at Hope University strives to cultivate and inspire their clients and help bring out their talents and abilities for all to see, appreciate and share.
"Oh the things you can think up if only you try!" Dr. Seuss.
The Hope University Holiday Program will be on December 13th, Tuesday evening at the Plummer Auditorium located at 201 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton California. 
For more information about the Holiday Program, tickets or the products  Hope University produces you can call us at (714)778-4440 or visit our website at