Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VSA Art on Display in Santa Ana

Joanna enjoys the artwork.
Richard points out a favorite.
Gary gets the best seat for art viewing.
It's nice to take it all in.
Mikki and Howard pose in the food court.

Alexis is very happy after eating cheese fries.
Joanna relaxes after a long walk through the mall.

Miguel's linoleum block print that will travel to Laguna Beach.
Ben's linoleum block print that will travel to Laguna Beach.

During the week of April 30 thru May 4th the students of Hope University were given the opportunity to go to the Westfield Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, California, to view their artwork.  Many schools, day programs and school districts throughout Orange County were included in the show.  Artwork was also selected from this large show to continue on to Laguna Beach for a traveling show.  Two of our students were selected for this special showing, Ben Simendinger and Miguel Aldaz are the proud artists.  We were able to take small groups to view the work, stroll around the mall and enjoy lunch in the food court.  Here are some favorite moments from the trip:
"I like all of the artwork and also buying lunch at McDonald's."  Kim Mumper.
"Looking at the artwork and the shops was fun."  Kris W.
"I liked looking around the mall."  Joanna Buon-Cristiani.
"There were many different artists work there, I liked seeing it all.  I also liked getting a break from school to walk around the mall."  Margaret Kelley.
As you can see the Westfield Main Place Mall is a hit with the students.
Our artwork is on display until May 13th.