Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hope Visits The Orange County Fair!

Allison is very happy to be on the bee ride!
Ben, Joe, Fred, Allison and Darren in the OC Fair garden.
A happy Fred on the trucks.
The Hi-Hopes performing on the OC Fair stage.
Sharon, Michelle and Chris at the Fair.
The popular 'Monster Truck' ride!

The annual Orange County Fair is in full swing and we had a wonderful opportunity through
 'friends of the fair' day to attend.  The Orange County Fair sponsors one morning for persons with disabilities to attend the fair for free.  The rides open early for them and are free as well.  Our students look forward each year for this special morning that is 'just for them'.  Hope University's very own performing musical group The Hi-Hopes, was live on stage for all to see and hear.
Some of the fair highlights were:
"I liked the horn sounds from the bumper car ride."  Ben Simendinger.
"The monster truck ride!"  Fred Mezzo.
"I really enjoyed shopping."  Michelle Emory.
"The bumper cars were the best ride."  Ana Pinedo.
"I liked the bumble bee ride."  Allison French and Bradley Clayman.
"The monster truck ride was fun!"  Jennifer Doyle.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aritst of the Month Darren Petersen

This month we are featuring Darren Petersen as Artist of the Month.  You may remember some of Darren's art in past posts as he is quite prolific.  Darren generally prefers to work in sculpture, as shown in his robot, helicopter and baseball stadium but this time he ventured into 2D art with linoleum block prints.  Darren's love of all things mechanical is evident in his imaginative subject matter.  He has created a series of vehicles of which a book is being compiled along with a story to expand upon them.  Darren's artwork is certainly interesting and inventive.  Here are a few comments from his fellow students:
"I think he did a good job with the lines."  Margaret Kelley
"I like the Space Vehicle, the way you can see the throttle, the fancy wheels and the body." Fred Mezzo
"The Space Vehicle makes me feel like I am up in space!" Lori Slikker
Congratulations Darren Petersen, Artist of the Month.