Monday, October 6, 2014

Come Shop Hope at Patchwork!

We have been accepted into the hip and popular Patchwork Hand Craft Fair to be held on November 2nd in Long Beach California, Marine stadium
We will be featuring a fun selection of our Boutique items. Handwoven scarves, hand felted soaps and several other fiber art items will be available for purchase at the show.  Hope is very proud to be accepted in this contemporary hand craft venue.  It would be great to see friends of Hope U there to enjoy the cool ocean breeze and Pacific view.  There are many restaurants and other places to take in the sights nearby.  Make a day of it in Belmont Shore, walk main street in Seal Beach or even take a tour of the Aquarium of the Pacific, of course all after shopping the Hope University booth at Patchwork Long Beach.  See you there!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun at the Orange County Fair!

Gary A. is really 'clowning it up' with his new friends!

This group looks very happy to be at the fair.

On Friday, July 18th we were able to go to the Orange County Fair compliments of 'Friends of the Fair Day'.  The Hope University band 'The Hi-Hopes' celebrated their 16th year of performing for 'Friends of the Fair Day' as well.  The students went in groups which were able to choose their activities.  Some groups chose rides, others chose to shop, some just wanted to watch the Hi-Hopes perform. 

"My favorite thing to do at the fair was hang out with my friends and eat lunch."
Joe V.
"I had fun performing with the Hi-Hopes and going on the carousel."
Ron L.
"The bumper cars were so much fun!"
Rene S.
"I enjoyed some deep fried Reese's Pieces and shopping.  I got a present for my cat."
Justine A.
"I got to go shopping and I liked seeing the farm animals."
Karen L.
"I just really loved shopping and eating.  I bought myself a bracelet."
Michelle E.
"Going on the rides, all of the rides!"
Tanette T.
"The food, like the deep fried Oreos and seeing the gigantic animals."
Mary M.
"I liked going on the bumper cars!"
Raymond R. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

A visit from the Anahiem Ducks support staff!

Sharon and Lori share a moment with an Anaheim Ducks volunteer.
Mikki and April are learning about a Ducks player.
Brian appreciates the volunteers help.
A group photo of the students and Anaheim Ducks volunteers.

We have new friends in the Anaheim Ducks!  In June the Anaheim Ducks hockey team chose us to be their community spotlight.  Several of their support staff came to our facility to volunteer.  They were all so nice!  The volunteers helped us with felting class, they sat in on Music Therapy, they helped some students with academics, drums were fun too with the volunteers!  Our hand bell choir put on a private concert for them, in which they were asked to ring along and learn how to play the hand bells with us.  It was so much so much fun having them here we hope they can come back again soon.  They learned a lot about us and our program and we learned a lot about them too.Thank you Anaheim Ducks!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Art Show and Mall Field Trip

Students admire their artwork on display at the mall.
All smiles in the food court and a stroll around the shops.
Keith shows us his artwork on display.
Oscar thinks his piece is #1.
Allison is very proud to have her art work on display.
Keith is taking a moment to relax.

Darryl is excited about the food court.

A relaxing lunch in the mall food court for Lauren.

A ray of sunlight is a perfect lunch spot for Darren.

Ben and Jenny take a moment after lunch to people watch.

VSA California sponsors a wonderful show of artistic talent every year at the Westfield MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California.  Artists with physical and intellectual disabilities are given the opportunity to showcase their art, music, dance and drama in the mall.  Each year Hope University participates in the weekend festivities and takes a field trip to see the artwork on display and enjoy some time outside of the classroom.  
Here are some favorites of the day:
"I enjoyed seeing the artwork on display, some of it was very nice."  
Amy L.
"I liked going to the mall, walking around, getting out of school for the day and keeping cool in the air-conditioning."
Margaret K.
"The mall was nice and cool, the day was so hot.  I liked seeing all of the artwork and paintings."
Jenny D. 
"I really liked seeing the artwork of my friends up on display, it was very pretty."
Rene S. 
"My favorite part was the food court.  I liked choosing my lunch.  Seeing the puppies was fun too."
Michelle E. 
"I saw a painting of a piano with different colored keys.  I thought about the music and sounds it would make."
Darren P. 
As usual, the food court was a big favorite.  Having the opportunity to choose, order and pay is very exciting.  The mall had so much art from schools and programs all around the Orange County area that it was hard to pick a favorite. The Disney store and the candy store seemed to be the most visited.  We had such a good time that we are already looking forward to next year's trip to the Westfield Santa Ana MainPlace Mall for the VSA show.   

Monday, April 28, 2014


Lauren and company singing to the artwork.

A Curious dinosaur inspires song.

A collage of art and appreciation at Catalyst Gallery for the Curious show.

Oscar Novello appreciates his work.

Jennifer Doyle marvels at the artwork's detail.

Pei-Lin agrees with the judges that this is a first place piece.

The students of Hope University along with other programs for adults with intellectual disabilities were invited to submit their art work for a gallery show called 'Curious'.  We had many submissions and lots of artwork to be juried.  The show went well with several of our students selling work as well as being honored for their work. 
First place went to Chris Friedman for a lovely and delicate colored pencil piece,  2nd place went to Lori Reyes for a print made from her drawing 'Mystery of the Nile' and 3rd place was awarded to Juan Pieri for an amazing block print on words with ink.  There was a well deserved Honorable Mention given to a collaborative piece in watercolor and colored pencil to Chih Tseng and Bradley Clayman who worked together beautifully.
The show was held at a gallery called Catalyst in Westminster California.  
The students were able to go on a field trip to view the artwork and enjoyed improvising music, song and acting to interpret the artwork. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

"Shopify" Preview

A set of 4 refrigerator magnets made from original student artwork.

New item for our 'Shopify' store.

We will soon be opening our own 'Shopify' portal linked through the Hope University website. Our Hope U handmade boutique will still be open for your etsy shopping needs.  The Hope University students are making so many wonderful items that our inventory is expanding enough to offer them in other venues.  Hope Handmade made appearances at the Patchwork handmade marketplace in Santa Ana recently, as well as at our Holiday show.  I hope you check back often as we debut new items here on the blog and on our website. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year and New Items in our Etsy shop!

"Purple Taffy" hand woven scarf.

Hand woven scarf.

"Lavender Meadow" hand woven scarf.
Hand woven scarf. 

It is 2014 and the students of Hope University are looking forward to another fun filled year.  Field trips, performances, parties, and fun with friends top the lists. 
Our Etsy shop has some new items for purchase.  We have listed a new item, our hand woven scarves.  The students do enjoy creating these one of a kind pieces.  Using a rigid heddle loom is a new skill that we were able to add to the fiber arts classes in 2013, and it has proved to be very popular.