Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cardboard Becomes A Stadium

The back of the 'Stadium'.
Darren showing us the baseball.
Where the motor will go for the players.
A proud artist posing with his 'in progress' sculpture.

In Darren Petersen's hands cardboard can become many things.  Cardboard is his medium of choice and with his imagination and dreams it becomes amazing things.  Darren, a student at Hope University, enjoys imagining what his sculptures could do if they were real.  He has created cardboard sculptures of objects such as boats, street sweepers, airplanes and even a helicopter.  This sculpture is of Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.  Darren dreams of sitting in stands as he sculpts, he pictures the players on the field and the ball soaring into the outfield with cheers for a home run coming from the crowds.  There are plans to install a motor, lights and a fan to blow 'fireworks' just like at the game.   Fred Mezzo, a fellow Hope University, student has been assisting Darren in this sculpture.  Fred has been working on the people that will populate the completed piece.
"It helps to have someone else work with me on a project because things get done a lot faster." Darren explained about Fred.
"I am just glad to have help, I can really use it."  He adds.
We are all excited to see how the 'Stadium'  turns out.  Both Darren and Fred are very enthusiastic about this collaborative sculptural project.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Etsy Items

Hand knitted tool holder, shown with paint brushes.

Hand knitted pencil/tool holders, in cupcake shapes.

A variety of hand felted soaps.

As you may have read in our last post we will soon be opening an Etsy shop.  We are in the process of photographing items as well as measuring and choosing product.  The students in the Etsy class have had a 'hand' in modeling, making, measuring and choosing the items to photograph so far.  This gives the clients a good opportunity to see just how much work goes into marketing and display.  This week we show you two new items, felted soaps and knitted pencil/tool holders.  The soaps are natural soaps that have been wrapped in sheep's wool and hand felted by the Hope U students in a fiber arts class.  The pencil/tool holders are also made by Hope U. students in a knitting class and then sewn into 'cupcake' shapes to hold pencils, pens, small scissors, paintbrushes, pins or any other small tool you may need held. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wrist Warmers to Warm Your Heart

Hope University's knitters have been busy knitting up product for our soon to open Esty shop.  Felted bags, scarves, our little owls and pin cushions/pen holders, pot & pan scrubbies, even head bands are all waiting to be photographed for the shop.  This week we were able to find the perfect hand model for our unique wrist warmers.  April Renick's hands really fit the bill.  She was so excited to be chosen and had great poise for our hand poses. 
We asked April to tell us a little bit about her new found hand modeling experience,
"It was fun, I enjoyed it.  My favorite part of doing the hand modeling was being able to try on all the colors of wrist warmers.  It was my first time being a hand model and I would definitely want to do it again."
Thank you April for lending us your lovely hands and we all think she will get her wish to hand model again for us here at Hope University. 
We share with you here some photos from the wrist warmer shoot, featuring April's hands. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting ready for the Gala

Centerpiece 'masks' drying.
Parent volunteer Deb D'Luna assists in glittering the masks.
Centerpiece masks with 'gems'.
Diane S's amazing red house original painting, available at this year's Gala.
Frank L's happy flower family, original colored pencil drawing available at this years Gala.
Jim L. shows us his unique perspective of light through a trellis.  

Sharon M's original painting of a resplendent Native American.  Available at our Gala.
Lori L's pretty girl in water color is reminiscent of a Japanese Kokeshi doll.  Available at this year's Gala.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, our annual fundraising gala 'Life is a Masquerade' will be this Saturday, March 10th with the silent auction room opening at 5:30.  The Hi-Hopes will play, people will dance, there is a large silent auction with a wide range of items such as, student created original artwork, gift baskets for every taste and even travel packages. 
The place is the Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort at 12021 South Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92804, just up the street from Disneyland!
Above you see the centerpieces being created as well as some of the original artwork waiting to be framed.
We are very excited about this years gala and do hope to add to our building fund with the money we raise.  Hope University has been saving money to purchase our own facility and we are busting at the seams with clients now.  There are so many special needs adults that would love to join our Hope U family and enrich their lives through the arts.
Please contact us for more information on our program, to donate, to volunteer or to even to take a tour of our current facility.