Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Arts and Letters

Michelle beginning a watercolor painting.

Ben using his hands to help him create a watercolor.

Jenny working on a reading worksheet.

Karen studying the shape of words.

Rene reading before writing.

     Hope University offers many classes.  Here we have some photos of students in two of them, watercolor and reading.  Hope offers many different art classes for students of varying levels.  One of the students in this watercolor class is sight impaired. He uses his hands to find the water in which to dip his brush and then feels for the color pots.  His macular degeneration is progressive but he still has some sight.  Ben says that he loves working with watercolors because he can touch and see the colors.  Michelle enjoys choosing subject matter and using the watercolors to paint what ever she feels like that day.
      The three readers are enjoying copying the words as they say them.  This helps with sounding out and letter recognition.  They all look so happy sharpening their reading skills don't they?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Artist of the Month

A very happy 'Artist of the Month'

'A Penguin Painting'

'Circle Drawing'

'A Penguin Drawing'

      Tanette Tuttle is the Hope University artist chosen for the month of  March's  'Artist of the Month'.  The artist of the month is honored by having their work hung in the gathering hall for all to see.  Their name is prominently posted above their work and they also receive a certificate.  The students at Hope U are always happy to see who is chosen.  This month it is Tanette Tuttle.  Tanette love to work with pen and ink, colored pencils and water colors.  Some of her favorite subjects to draw are penguins and Orca Whales.  She loves to go to Sea World in San Diego, to observe her subjects in person.
     When asked about what she likes about penguins Tanette's response was,  "I just love penguins so much, I like to see them swim and wobbly walk."
     Many students here share her love of aquatic animals.  They are very fun to see!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mural Mosaic

Sharon M. working on the mosaic.
Darren P. enjoying the view.
Fred M. showing hands on artistry.
Darren P. Fred M. and Sharon M. all very proud of their work.
Entrance way mural in progress at Integrity House.
Earlier in this blog we showed you photos of the mural going in at Integrity House in Santa Ana California.  Well, work has not stopped on this amazing project.  Now the students have finished the painting phase and have moved on to the mosaic addition.  All of the artwork used in the mural was student and Integrity House consumer generated.  This has been a wonderful collaboration of efforts from both facilities as well as countless volunteer hours.  Here are two blog posts, one showing the mural's painting phase and the other is of only some of the volunteers who have given so much of their time in this project.  We are hoping to have the mural completed by the summer of 2011.  There will be a grand unveiling and reception to honor this artistic achievement. 
The students are so excited about the mural, seeing their artwork on this large of a scale is so validating.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrating Our Volunteers

The Hand Bells Perform.

Kim M. on keyboard and Dena S. singing.

A dramatic moment for Cindy H. and Jason R.

Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn, speak about volunteering.

Nick Latimer, board member and volunteer.

Matt Sauer, Hope University Board President.

Michelle E., Carol R. and Mikki D. in a drama performance.

Waiting to go on stage.

On Thursday, February 24th, Hope University honored last year's volunteers with a Volunteer Appreciation Celebration.
The Hi-Hopes performed, the Hand Bells and Chimes were rung, the Choir, Glee and Ensemble classes and the Drama class performed.  We recognized our volunteers with a gift and many 'thank yous'.
Mr. and Mrs. Blackburn spoke to us about helping at the mural, Nick Latimer, a board member, told us of the fun he is having here as a volunteer and the board president, Matt Sauer, spoke about his experiences with our program. 
We do appreciate our many volunteers and hope to see many more in 2011.
Thank You Volunteers!