Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist of the Month for February is Jenny Doyle!

Jenny is honored for her artwork.
Jenny's collage and watercolor.
Three colored pencil drawings by Jenny D.
Jenny's artistic interpretation of a shamrock and a rabbit.
A sunset with birds in watercolor by Jenny D.

Each month a Hope University student is honored for their artistic talents.  They receive a certificate and accolades from their fellow students.  Also, their work is displayed at the back of the gathering hall for all to admire.  This month, February, we honor student Jennifer Doyle for her artistic contributions to Hope U. 
What Jenny has to say about her art: 
"I like my artwork, I think I do a good job at art."
"I like to draw with colored pencils, it is good for my coordination to stay on the paper".
On water colors she says, "I like working with watercolors too, it is easier to move my brush back and forth on the paper with watercolors."
On collage, "I like to paste down the pieces so they won't stick up. I thought a lot about the colors, I asked myself, 'what colors should I use' before I chose them."
We are all enjoying Jennifer's work, she is so enthusiastic about her artwork and that inspires us all.
Great job Jenny!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artists Ready Work for the Annual Fundraiser

The artist, Tom, concentrates on his work.
Excellent brush strokes.
A proud artist.
The artist, Oscar, painting with intention.
What a fantastic painting.
Diane is adding pattern.

Once a year Hope University hosts a gala fundraiser to raise money for the program.  Our hopes are to be able to purchase a building to call our own.  We are looking for a facility to hold all of the wonderful things and people here at Hope U.  Ideally an old school or church building would fit our bill.  Classrooms, outdoor areas, lunch areas, office space, and a large hall with a stage would be our dream.  This years gala is entitled 'Life is a Masquerade', (masks optional) will be held on Saturday, March 10th.  The gala opens at 5:30 with a social hour and silent auction, to be followed by dinner, a live auction and live music provided by Hope University's very own band, the Hi-Hopes and dancing if you choose.  The place is the Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort at 12021 South Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA 92804, just up the street from Disneyland!

In the photos above you see some of the Hope U artists creating work to be available at the silent auction.  The silent auction always has a large selection of wonderful items such as vacation packages, jewelry, sports tickets and memorabilia as well as a large selection of gift and food baskets. 
If you would like more information or to attend this years gala, please feel free to call us at (714)778-4440 or visit us on the web at 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day at Hope U.

Tom V. as D.J.

Ana P. and Fred M. dance the afternoon away.

Chris J. shows us a Valentine's Day card.

Three buddies having fun at the party.

Sharon M. gets her Valentine's Day cards ready to hand out.

Tina G. and April R. choose their snack.

Jenny D. is happy with her refreshments.

February 14th fell on a Tuesday so the students and staff planned a party to celebrate!  We made chocolate covered pretzels, who doesn't like salty and sweet?  We used red and pink chocolate to melt, then dipped the pretzels in it, yummy.  We also made artwork to decorate the fellowship hall, lots of hearts and happy drawings helped up get in the party mood.  Refreshments were served, punch and the chocolate covered pretzels we made were a wonderful snack.  There was also a DJ, student Tom Veltman spun the cd's that made us all want to boogie the afternoon away.  Students decorated bags to carry home all of their Valentine's Day cards and goodies.  We are sharing some photos with you of the students enjoying their Valentine's Day party.
"My favorite part of the day was the dance."
Ana Pinedo
"I liked singing to the music."
Joe Valliere
"My favorite part of the day was making the chocolate covered pretzel snacks."
April Renick
"Tom played great music, I really liked listening to it."
Lori Slikker
"I got to melt the chocolate in the microwave to cover the pretzels."
Margaret Kelley
As you can see the students had a grand time!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hoot! A New Product at the Hope Boutique

A shy owlet.

Just a peek.

Pensive gray owlet

Owlet says 'hello'.

You may (or not) be familiar with the Hope University Boutique.  The students at Hope U make a wonderful line of gift items that they sell at the Christmas Show and at other venues.  We have beaded ornaments, 'refrigerator' magnets, felted purses, earrings, felted soaps, knitted wrist warmers, knitted hats, hand sewn felt play food, jewelry created from the students artwork, greeting cards, calendars, mugs and journals just to name some. 
The knitting class recently added a new product....'owlets'!  Each owlet is hand knitted by one of the students in the knitting class and then sent on to the sewing class to have the eyes and beak added, then the ears, seaming and stuffing is completed by a staff member.  Then you have a finished, hand knitted happy little owlet.  We have some great ideas for these little guys, and hope we can keep up with demand!  Also an idea has been 'hatched' to create a stop action film staring our very own little Hope owlets, so we are adding a 'stop action' camera set up to our wish list.  We hope you like our new additions, if you would like to purchase or reserve an owlet or to donate a stop action camera set up please go to our website to contact us.  Hoot-Hoot!