Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Santa's Elves Can Knit!

Ben was excited to see his hand knitted gift was his favorite color, red!

Darren's hand knitted hat fits him perfectly.

Kim just could not get over how soft her hand knitted scarf was.

Gary looks like a little elf in his hand knitted hat.

Jason will be warm  while waiting for the bus in his hand crocheted scarf.

Joe loves his new hand knitted hat almost as much as he loves baseball.

You can see by Crystal's smile how excited she is about her new hand knitted hat.
Rene and Gary show off their new hand knits.

Darren was pleased to pose for a photo in his new hand knitted scarf. 

This Holiday season a local knitting group became Santa's knitting elves as they adopted us for their seasonal charity.  They hand knitted scarves and hats for the students of Hope University to receive as presents.  The knitting group is based in Long Beach California and is called the Long Beach Stitch and Beach and can be found on yahoo groups One of the instructors at Hope U is a member and her knitters were so taken by her stories of the clients that they wanted to contribute.  We here at Hope are so grateful to this wonderful group of ladies for giving of their time to create knitted gifts for the students.  Each gift was hand delivered by Santa and as many of us know, there is nothing quite so nice as a hand knitted gift.  Thank you Long Beach Stitch and Beach for your big hearts and warm knits!