Wednesday, May 18, 2011

VSA Performance

The Hope University Choir
The Ladies of the Choir accompanied by Hope U student Ron Langloe on the guitar.

Men of the Choir.

Terry C. and April R. perform with the dance.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Hi-Hopes!

Hope University student Jim L. accompanies the Hope U. Dancers on the violin.
In April the VSA had their annual event at the Westfield Main Place Mall in Santa Ana California.  There was art on display by clients and students from around Orange County. Hope University was represented by several visual artists, poets, musicians, singers and dancers.  The Hope University Choir performed along with the Hi-Hopes and the Hope University Dance class.  The art is on display currently.  The students and staff of Hope U will be going on field trips to view the art work, so look for the blog posts about the field trips!
Several art pieces were chosen for a traveling show as well.  Hope University artists will have their work on display across the continent.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Open House

Mr. and Mrs. Slikker view their daughter's Polar Bear print.

Some of the Open House attendees listen to the Hi-Hopes perform.

A selection of Boutique items for sale.

Bradley showing his mother one of his favorite programs in the computer room.

Felting supplies and finished beads.

Mosaic mirrors.

A showing of prints.

Lori demonstrating her knitting skills.

An 'Open House' was held at Hope University's Anaheim location on Wednesday, April 13th.  We welcomed students, parents, prospective students, guests, board members and donors to come.  The turn out was wonderful, we enjoyed showing our program to many people, some familiar and some new.  Each instructor had examples of the work created or done in their classes.  There were demonstrations of block cutting and printing, knitting with needles and a circle loom, interactive computer programs and self advocacy.  We had on display many items from classes such as poetry, mosaic, math, reading, literature, paintings, drawings, felt making, and others for all to see.   The attendees were entertained by the Hi-Hopes, Fred Mezzo on the accordion, the handbell choir and Joanna Buon-Cristiani on the piano. Those who wanted to shop were treated to a showing of our boutique items, all made by the students here at Hope. 
A student recounts her experience at the Open House, by Lori Slikker:
"When we had our Open House here at school, I was asked to come and show my knitting skills.  I was more than happy to do it!  A little girl came over to where I was sitting and asked me to teach her how to knit.  I was really happy to teach her.  She picked it up really fast and I had a big smile on my face.  Even my knitting teacher was impressed with how I was able to be a knitting teacher here at the Open House."
All of the staff was very proud of the students who attended and performed that evening.