Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hope Holiday Updates...

In November we all were able to take a few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and family.
Here are some highlights of the students' holiday:

"I helped to feed the less fortunate in the day and then went home to have dinner with my family."
Rene Smith

"We had dinner at our house with all the trimmings, my two brothers and their wives were there too."
Darren Petersen

"I enjoyed peace and quite at my parent's house.  I was able to stay there for four days before returning to my group home."
Cathy Acton

"My favorite part of my Thanksgiving was helping my Aunt make the mashed potatoes."
Ben Simendinger

"I liked seeing my relatives that came to my house for dinner.  My Aunt came from South Carolina."
Crystal Serna

"I had a good time with my dad at his house, we cooked dinner together.  I was able to stay overnight at his house before going back to my group home."
Tom Veltman.

We Hope you all had time to enjoy the holiday.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hope U at the Irvine Artisan Fair

Elena Marty and Carolyn Buon-Cristiani-Smith pose with the product.
A very happy customer models her new cowl.
Display of hand felted bead earrings and a necklace.
Shoppers stop by our booth.
A lovely display of our hand felted soaps and handbags.
Another satisfied customer showing off her new hand felted bead barrette.

On Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd, Hope University was represented at the 30th annual Holiday Faire at the Irvine Fine Arts Center in Heritage Park, Irvine California.  Student Joanna Buon-Cristiani's sisters, Elena Marty and Carolyn Buon-Cristiani-Smith manned the table.  We had a large assortment of items the students created in Boutique class, some of which are available on our Etsy shop page.  There were hand knitted items such as scarves, cowls, dish scrubbers and plush owls.  Also available were a lovely selection of our hand felted items, soaps in two sizes, earrings, necklaces and handbags. Sewing class was also well represented with there hand sewn gift card holders and holiday decorations.  The turn out was amazing and we sold much of our wares.  People were very impressed by the students work and even placed special orders for more!
We are so proud of the students ability and glad that it can be appreciated by others.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's a Halloween Party!

April as Queen Amidala, wearing a newspaper hat!

Karen G. as a 'Hippie'.
Joanna as a Happy Banana.

Joe V. the Crusader Knight and Tanette T. as a 'Dark Angel' wearing a newspaper hat!

Sharon M. as a Native American. 

Lori S. as a Witch sporting her costume prize ribbon.

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 the students of Hope University in Anaheim, California had a Halloween party.  The morning was filled with art created to decorate the fellowship hall and we made some fun newspaper and pipe-cleaner hats with the help of staff. Some of these hats were quite fantastic! There was 'pumpkin walk' where students walked on a circle of numbers, when the music stopped so did the students and a number was pulled.  If you were standing on the pulled number you won a small pumpkin!  A special Halloween bean bag toss game became a quick hit for fun.  In the kitchen some students and staff were busy making chocolate covered pretzels for a game later that day.  The morning concluded with a wonderful costume parade where everyone won a ribbon.  Some of our favorites were, Temple Grandin, Queen Amidala, the Gypsy, a Banana and even a Crusader Knight
After lunch the pretzels were strung and hung so students could try their luck at 'bobbing for pretzels'.   We ended our day with a spirited dance and lots of fun Halloween music provided by our 'DJ' Tom V.