Monday, April 28, 2014


Lauren and company singing to the artwork.

A Curious dinosaur inspires song.

A collage of art and appreciation at Catalyst Gallery for the Curious show.

Oscar Novello appreciates his work.

Jennifer Doyle marvels at the artwork's detail.

Pei-Lin agrees with the judges that this is a first place piece.

The students of Hope University along with other programs for adults with intellectual disabilities were invited to submit their art work for a gallery show called 'Curious'.  We had many submissions and lots of artwork to be juried.  The show went well with several of our students selling work as well as being honored for their work. 
First place went to Chris Friedman for a lovely and delicate colored pencil piece,  2nd place went to Lori Reyes for a print made from her drawing 'Mystery of the Nile' and 3rd place was awarded to Juan Pieri for an amazing block print on words with ink.  There was a well deserved Honorable Mention given to a collaborative piece in watercolor and colored pencil to Chih Tseng and Bradley Clayman who worked together beautifully.
The show was held at a gallery called Catalyst in Westminster California.  
The students were able to go on a field trip to view the artwork and enjoyed improvising music, song and acting to interpret the artwork.