Monday, May 11, 2015

Field Trip!

Frank with his linoleum block print.

John with his colored pencil piece.

Mary is very happy with her scratch board artwork.

Darryl is very proud of his wonderful water color piece. 

The week of May 4th, we took several groups on a field trip to the Westfield MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, CA.  The VSA California hosted performances and art shows earlier in April, in which performing groups from Hope Center for the Arts participated.  The artists at Hope Center were also featured in the art 'gallery' shows on display in the mall. 
My favorite part of going to the mall was:
"Looking at the artwork". Mary M.
"Window shopping". Karen G. 
"Seeing the puppies!" Carol W.
"Shopping and taking notes on what I want to go back to get." Justine A.
Some of the other highlights were getting to walk around the mall, being in out in the community and the eating in the food court!