Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hope Holiday Updates...

In November we all were able to take a few days off to celebrate Thanksgiving with our friends and family.
Here are some highlights of the students' holiday:

"I helped to feed the less fortunate in the day and then went home to have dinner with my family."
Rene Smith

"We had dinner at our house with all the trimmings, my two brothers and their wives were there too."
Darren Petersen

"I enjoyed peace and quite at my parent's house.  I was able to stay there for four days before returning to my group home."
Cathy Acton

"My favorite part of my Thanksgiving was helping my Aunt make the mashed potatoes."
Ben Simendinger

"I liked seeing my relatives that came to my house for dinner.  My Aunt came from South Carolina."
Crystal Serna

"I had a good time with my dad at his house, we cooked dinner together.  I was able to stay overnight at his house before going back to my group home."
Tom Veltman.

We Hope you all had time to enjoy the holiday.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hope U at the Irvine Artisan Fair

Elena Marty and Carolyn Buon-Cristiani-Smith pose with the product.
A very happy customer models her new cowl.
Display of hand felted bead earrings and a necklace.
Shoppers stop by our booth.
A lovely display of our hand felted soaps and handbags.
Another satisfied customer showing off her new hand felted bead barrette.

On Friday and Saturday, November 2nd and 3rd, Hope University was represented at the 30th annual Holiday Faire at the Irvine Fine Arts Center in Heritage Park, Irvine California.  Student Joanna Buon-Cristiani's sisters, Elena Marty and Carolyn Buon-Cristiani-Smith manned the table.  We had a large assortment of items the students created in Boutique class, some of which are available on our Etsy shop page.  There were hand knitted items such as scarves, cowls, dish scrubbers and plush owls.  Also available were a lovely selection of our hand felted items, soaps in two sizes, earrings, necklaces and handbags. Sewing class was also well represented with there hand sewn gift card holders and holiday decorations.  The turn out was amazing and we sold much of our wares.  People were very impressed by the students work and even placed special orders for more!
We are so proud of the students ability and glad that it can be appreciated by others.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's a Halloween Party!

April as Queen Amidala, wearing a newspaper hat!

Karen G. as a 'Hippie'.
Joanna as a Happy Banana.

Joe V. the Crusader Knight and Tanette T. as a 'Dark Angel' wearing a newspaper hat!

Sharon M. as a Native American. 

Lori S. as a Witch sporting her costume prize ribbon.

On Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 the students of Hope University in Anaheim, California had a Halloween party.  The morning was filled with art created to decorate the fellowship hall and we made some fun newspaper and pipe-cleaner hats with the help of staff. Some of these hats were quite fantastic! There was 'pumpkin walk' where students walked on a circle of numbers, when the music stopped so did the students and a number was pulled.  If you were standing on the pulled number you won a small pumpkin!  A special Halloween bean bag toss game became a quick hit for fun.  In the kitchen some students and staff were busy making chocolate covered pretzels for a game later that day.  The morning concluded with a wonderful costume parade where everyone won a ribbon.  Some of our favorites were, Temple Grandin, Queen Amidala, the Gypsy, a Banana and even a Crusader Knight
After lunch the pretzels were strung and hung so students could try their luck at 'bobbing for pretzels'.   We ended our day with a spirited dance and lots of fun Halloween music provided by our 'DJ' Tom V.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Etsy Sales!

Felted bead hair clip sold order on Etsy.

Felted bead hair clip, another sold order on Etsy!

A pair of green wrist warmers we sold on Etsy.

A lucky shopper bought this tool holder from our Etsy shop.

Felted bead hair clip that we sold from our Etsy shop.
A set of felted easy grip soaps sold to a group called Reece's Rainbow, a special needs adoption group.
Sales at our Etsy shop have been brisk.  It is very exciting to see people from around the United States taking an interest in our Hope Handmade items.  We have had several sales of felted bead hair clips, wrist warmers, felted soaps and even a colorful pencil/art supply holder.  The students at Hope are so happy to know that others from around the country are using our products.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to feel appreciated and valued for their abilities and to contribute to their program though Etsy.  So, if you have not stopped by our Etsy shop for a look, now just might be the right time!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2013 Hope University Calendars Now Available!

Chris Friedman's linoleum block print, 'Desert Bloom'.

Jim Lin's water color,  'Fish'.

Darren Petersen's linoleum block print, 'Automated Tree System'.

Yes, we all need one so why not make yours count.  The annual Hope University Calendar is now out and available for purchase.  What a wonderful way to show your support of this community and Hope University all year long.  Each month you will be treated to a unique work of art created by one of the many talented artists here at Hope U.  In the calender you will see watercolors, colored pencil, acrylic paintings and linoleum block prints, each one an expression of the students amazing abilities.  
You can place your order over the phone, send us an email or even come by.  They will also be available at one of the many holiday Boutiques we will be attending as well as the annual Hope U Christmas Show.  So don't wait, get yours now, only $15.00 each. 
All three of the wonderful artworks pictured above are included in the calendar for 2013. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Etsy Sneak Peek...Shhhhh.

Autumn Orange mono-print decoupage frame.

Underwater Fantasy mono-print decoupage frame.

The artists at Hope University are always making wonderful things for our boutique and Etsy shop.  They create faster than we can add it!  Here is a sneak peek at some new items coming soon to the Hope Handmade at  Don't forget to start your holiday shopping early.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Etsy Updates for September

Napa Valley Purple Grape Felted Bead Barrettes.

Coastal Pine Green and Red Felted Bead Barrettes.

Hope U Student April makes a wonderful hand model for our wrist warmers. 

Robin's Egg Blue and Spring Green Hand Knit Wrist Warmers.
Hope University's very own Etsy shop has been busy!  We have sold 4 items, one pair of wrist warmers and 3 felted wool bead barrettes.  This week in Etsy class we updated some inventory and added another pair of wrist warmers and two new felted wool bead barrettes.  Above are some views of these new items and as you can see our product is selling well.  Now would be a great time to get in some early holiday shopping while our items are in stock!  So be sure to stop by the Hope Handmade Etsy shop to view the entire collection of items to make your selection. All of the proceeds from the sales at Hope Handmade on Etsy go directly to the students and their program. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spirit Week Staff Talent Show!

Rene Cortez singing opera.

Shelley RuggThorp singing with the students from our group The Hi-Hopes in accompaniment.

Vera plays the flute with Susie on piano.

SuzAnne singing opera.

Steven Noguera playing classical guitar.

Lisa brightening up the stage with comedy.

The Hope University students enjoying the staff talent show.
Michele V. & Vera O. sing karaoke for the students.

Our Spirit Week continued with a Staff Talent Show.  All of the staff at Hope University are artists in their own right.  Hope has visual artists, writers, singers, performers, musicians, painters and fiber artists.  On the day of the Staff Talent show, some of the performing artists were able to show off their craft.  The students were treated to a wonderful show of opera, classical guitar, flute, piano, and a comedy performances.  Shelley RuggThorp sang with some of the students from our performing group 'The Hi-Hopes' as accompaniment.  The students enjoyed seeing their instructors on stage and marveled at their amazing talents. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hope U Spirit Week!

Tom V. in his tropical shirt was a great DJ.

Rene S. shows off her island flair.

Gary A. is ready to play some smooth tropical rhythms.
Ben S. looks like he is ready for a day at the beach. 
Conga Line!
Cathy A. is a perfect tourist. 
Darren P. shows us a smile in front of a beachy backdrop. 

The week of August 20th we had Spirit Week here at Hope.  On Monday we had Red, White and Blue Day, everyone wore something that was red, white and blue, we had several  Angel's Baseball outfits!  On Tuesday it was Baby Picture Day, where everyone brought in a baby photo and we tried to guess who was who.  On Wednesday we had a Lu-Wow, complete with a DJ and hula dancers (several students learned a hula and performed for everyone).  On Thursday it was Staff Talent Show day.  There were opera singers, flutists, pianists, comedy performances and guitar playing.  Finally Friday 'topped it off' with Crazy Hat Day, with lots and lots of Crazy Hats! Summer may be on it's way out but the heat is still on here in AnaheimCalifornia so we may just need to plan few 'Popsicle Parties'. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exploring Art

Karen explores repetition and color.
Michelle likes to use acrylics and an easel. 
Joanna finds out how colors work on a dark background.
Tanette gets ready to work on her sewing project.

Hope University is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities.  We have an arts based curriculum centered on exploring each clients abilities.  There are many arts for the clients to choose from, painting, drawing, pen and ink, printmaking, knitting, weaving, sewing, felting, pastels, acrylics, even graphite.  Here we have some views of clients participating in the offerings.  Artwork created by the clients is often used in making items that we sell at our annual holiday boutique as well as on our Etsy shop.  Custom paintings and artwork are available for commission by our talented artists by request.  Please visit our website to view more

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Felted Wool Barrettes!

'Autumn Sunset' hand felted wool Barrette.
'California Desert' hand felted wool barrette.
'Blueberry Summer' hand felted wool barrette.

We now have our colorful felted wool barrettes available for purchase in our Etsy shop!  They make wonderful gifts for your self or others.  Perfect for teachers, teens, girls or to tuck into a spa basket.  The students here at Hope make the felted wool beads  in the Boutique class with teacher Lisa LoRusso.  100% wool roving is formed into loose spheres and then submerged into warm, soapy water.  The students then rub them between their palms in a circular motion to 'felt' the wool into a solid bead.  After they have been left to dry for several days we use them to make broaches, barrettes, pins, earrings and ornaments.  We also have a few new uses for them in the works, so you can look forward to many new items created by the students. 
We can make the barrettes in a variety of colors to suit your color pallet, so if you want a custom item created, please send us an email or give us a call!
Remember that all of the proceeds from our Etsy shop and other sales go directly to enrich the students day program.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Etsy Item!

Our felting classes make the felted soaps that have become very popular gifts.  The felted soaps are now available for purchase on our Hope U Handmade Etsy Marketplace.  They are so colorful and useful too.  They make wonderful gifts for men or women, teens and even children.  The wool felt covering the soap gives it a gentle exfoliant, makes it easy to grip, which is great for those with special motor skill needs.  The soap inside a soothing oatmeal blend with a soft cinnamon scent. If you are interested in purchasing these for resale or personal use you can place your orders through Etsy or convo us through Etsy, send us an email or even just give us a call.   Always remember that purchases from Hope University are tax deductible and all of the proceeds go to the continuation of our progressive arts based day program.  Thank you.