Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Etsy Sales!

Felted bead hair clip sold order on Etsy.

Felted bead hair clip, another sold order on Etsy!

A pair of green wrist warmers we sold on Etsy.

A lucky shopper bought this tool holder from our Etsy shop.

Felted bead hair clip that we sold from our Etsy shop.
A set of felted easy grip soaps sold to a group called Reece's Rainbow, a special needs adoption group.
Sales at our Etsy shop have been brisk.  It is very exciting to see people from around the United States taking an interest in our Hope Handmade items.  We have had several sales of felted bead hair clips, wrist warmers, felted soaps and even a colorful pencil/art supply holder.  The students at Hope are so happy to know that others from around the country are using our products.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to feel appreciated and valued for their abilities and to contribute to their program though Etsy.  So, if you have not stopped by our Etsy shop for a look, now just might be the right time!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2013 Hope University Calendars Now Available!

Chris Friedman's linoleum block print, 'Desert Bloom'.

Jim Lin's water color,  'Fish'.

Darren Petersen's linoleum block print, 'Automated Tree System'.

Yes, we all need one so why not make yours count.  The annual Hope University Calendar is now out and available for purchase.  What a wonderful way to show your support of this community and Hope University all year long.  Each month you will be treated to a unique work of art created by one of the many talented artists here at Hope U.  In the calender you will see watercolors, colored pencil, acrylic paintings and linoleum block prints, each one an expression of the students amazing abilities.  
You can place your order over the phone, send us an email or even come by.  They will also be available at one of the many holiday Boutiques we will be attending as well as the annual Hope U Christmas Show.  So don't wait, get yours now, only $15.00 each. 
All three of the wonderful artworks pictured above are included in the calendar for 2013.