Monday, July 30, 2007

Getting to the Getty

We had a wonderful time visiting the Getty museum in Los Angeles on July 26th. A big tour bus picked us up and drove us to the museum. From the parking lot we rode on a tram up the hill to the museum. There were trees and you could see the city down the hill. Here is Karen L. at the Getty with the view behind her. The students favorite thing at the Getty was the giant 'Uberorgan' by Tim Hawkinson that hangs in the main hall. It makes music/noise at the hour. It sounds like a sqeaky organ or even a bagpipe!
Marvin C., Maria D., and Cindy H. are all listening to the Uberorgan. Jim L. is happy to
have his photo taken below it.
It is a very nice place with many things to see. We wished that we had more time to spend there looking at all of the art.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cowabunga! At The Orange County Fair

Tuesday, July 17th was 'Friends of the Fair' day. We had such a great time. Here are some Hope U students at the Orange County Fair, Chris F., Lori S., Maria D. and Ben S.
We saw animals in pens and vegetables growing, we saw performers and clowns. Our very own musical performing group, 'The Hi-Hopes' played for the crowds