Wednesday, June 20, 2012

International Music Enrichment

The big, long, loud horn.
Instrument demonstration.
The performer asks for audience participation.
Chris is enjoying the show.

The audience looks on.
 A very engaging performance holds the students attention.
A large array of instruments peaks interest.

On occasion we are able to have guest artists come to Hope U and perform for us.  Hope U is home to many talented adults with developmental disabilities, a number of which have exceptional musical aptitude.  Having guest artists exposes the clients to new and interesting instruments, different cultures and how they create music as well as different musical styles that they can integrate into their musical repertoire. In May we were fortunate enough to have the group 'Aconcagua', music of the Andes.  They brought many interesting and unique instruments to show and play for us.  They had drums, pan pipes, flutes, horns and even a small guitar-like instrument made from an armadillo shell!  The student were taken by the diverse sounds created by the traditional instruments as well as the artists ability to play them.  Here is what some students had to say about the performance by 'Aconcagua':
"I really like the way they sang"  Michelle E.
"I liked the big flute"  Cindy Hein.
"My favorite part was the big, long, loud horns!"  Jason Rosales.
"I thought the pan flute was awesome."  Mikki Davis.
"I liked the drums."  Ben Simendinger.
"The flutes were my favorite part."  Lori Slikker.