Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Etsy Sales!

Handmade felt bead earrings.

Hand knitted gadget holders.

Hand wrapped and felted soaps. 

Our Etsy shop has been humming with sales!  The holidays are fast approaching and ordering items from our Etsy shop just could not be easier.  Skip the lines and parking troubles at the mall and order from Hope Handmade on Etsy! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

India Visits Hope

Indian Dancer.

Telling a story.

Teaching us hand gestures.

Indian drummer demonstrating a special drum.

The students learning hand gestures. 
The students of Hope University were privileged to be visited by a traveling artist, Indian dancer and her musician drummer.  She told us a story with her dance movements, hand gestures and even the expressions on her face.  The drummer played on special Indian drums and showed us all of the different sounds they could make.  The dancer did not wear any shoes, but had bells around her ankles that sounded like twinkly stars when she stomped her feet.  She wore a very colorful traditional Indian dancer's costume that flowed with her movements.  As she danced and told her story the students watched with new appreciation for her art.  Between dances the drummer demonstrated the many sounds he could create on the special Indian drums.  He told us that is takes many years to learn the techniques and styles of drumming for Indian dance.  The dancer also was able to show us some hand and foot movements for us all to try.  The students all enjoyed a little trip to India through her dance.