Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hope U Has A Lu-Wow!

Musical instructors Steve and Rene lead the students in an island drum circle.

Students making tropical fruit kabobs.

Students performed the 'Little Grass Shack' hula dance.

Tanette getting ready to throw in the ring toss game.

Alexis and other students dance to fun island inspired tunes.

The summer heat made us all think of going on a Hawaiian vacation, so we had one here!  There were tropical fruit kabobs, hula lessons, an island ring toss game, an native drum circle, a hula dance performance  and a DJ dance party! Fun was has by all!  Aloha!

"My favorite part of the day was the dance in the afternoon."
Kim Mumper

"My favorite part of the party was making the tropical fruit kabobs."
Lori Slikker

"I liked helping to cut up the strawberries and pineapple with my friends."
Tanette Tuttle

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Museum Outing Goes Kinetic

Cathy at the Calder exhibit.

Alexis adding to the yarn sculpture.

The craft area at O.C. Museum of Art.

Yarn sculpture, in progress.

Several students enjoying the Calder inspired crafts.

Getting read for lunch on the patio.

The Hope University students loaded onto a bus for a quick jaunt down to the Orange County Museum of Art where there is currently an exhibit of Alexander Calder's work.  Alexander Calder was a kinetic artist, he loved to make sculptures that moved.  The bus moved the students to the museum where they were moved by his amazing work.  Alexander Calder often used red, white, blue, green and yellow when creating his sculptures.  He also made many mobiles that balance unbelievably.  The museum had an interactive section where the students were able to create art themselves.  They cut folded paper into shapes and added to an already in progress yarn sculpture.  So many of Hope University's students are actively involved in creating artwork daily so this field trip was an amazing inspiration. 
Here are a few inspiring moments:
"I liked the sculpture of the face, with all of the pieces hanging."
Ana Pinedeo
"I liked the sculpture of trees and flowers in a garden. I liked the exhibit so much I would like to go back again."
Margaret Kelley
"I liked making the craft, cutting and drawing at the table."
Jennifer Doyle