Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hope U Spirit Week!

Tom V. in his tropical shirt was a great DJ.

Rene S. shows off her island flair.

Gary A. is ready to play some smooth tropical rhythms.
Ben S. looks like he is ready for a day at the beach. 
Conga Line!
Cathy A. is a perfect tourist. 
Darren P. shows us a smile in front of a beachy backdrop. 

The week of August 20th we had Spirit Week here at Hope.  On Monday we had Red, White and Blue Day, everyone wore something that was red, white and blue, we had several  Angel's Baseball outfits!  On Tuesday it was Baby Picture Day, where everyone brought in a baby photo and we tried to guess who was who.  On Wednesday we had a Lu-Wow, complete with a DJ and hula dancers (several students learned a hula and performed for everyone).  On Thursday it was Staff Talent Show day.  There were opera singers, flutists, pianists, comedy performances and guitar playing.  Finally Friday 'topped it off' with Crazy Hat Day, with lots and lots of Crazy Hats! Summer may be on it's way out but the heat is still on here in AnaheimCalifornia so we may just need to plan few 'Popsicle Parties'. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Exploring Art

Karen explores repetition and color.
Michelle likes to use acrylics and an easel. 
Joanna finds out how colors work on a dark background.
Tanette gets ready to work on her sewing project.

Hope University is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities.  We have an arts based curriculum centered on exploring each clients abilities.  There are many arts for the clients to choose from, painting, drawing, pen and ink, printmaking, knitting, weaving, sewing, felting, pastels, acrylics, even graphite.  Here we have some views of clients participating in the offerings.  Artwork created by the clients is often used in making items that we sell at our annual holiday boutique as well as on our Etsy shop.  Custom paintings and artwork are available for commission by our talented artists by request.  Please visit our website to view more

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Felted Wool Barrettes!

'Autumn Sunset' hand felted wool Barrette.
'California Desert' hand felted wool barrette.
'Blueberry Summer' hand felted wool barrette.

We now have our colorful felted wool barrettes available for purchase in our Etsy shop!  They make wonderful gifts for your self or others.  Perfect for teachers, teens, girls or to tuck into a spa basket.  The students here at Hope make the felted wool beads  in the Boutique class with teacher Lisa LoRusso.  100% wool roving is formed into loose spheres and then submerged into warm, soapy water.  The students then rub them between their palms in a circular motion to 'felt' the wool into a solid bead.  After they have been left to dry for several days we use them to make broaches, barrettes, pins, earrings and ornaments.  We also have a few new uses for them in the works, so you can look forward to many new items created by the students. 
We can make the barrettes in a variety of colors to suit your color pallet, so if you want a custom item created, please send us an email or give us a call!
Remember that all of the proceeds from our Etsy shop and other sales go directly to enrich the students day program.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Etsy Item!

Our felting classes make the felted soaps that have become very popular gifts.  The felted soaps are now available for purchase on our Hope U Handmade Etsy Marketplace.  They are so colorful and useful too.  They make wonderful gifts for men or women, teens and even children.  The wool felt covering the soap gives it a gentle exfoliant, makes it easy to grip, which is great for those with special motor skill needs.  The soap inside a soothing oatmeal blend with a soft cinnamon scent. If you are interested in purchasing these for resale or personal use you can place your orders through Etsy or convo us through Etsy, send us an email or even just give us a call.   Always remember that purchases from Hope University are tax deductible and all of the proceeds go to the continuation of our progressive arts based day program.  Thank you.