Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween at Hope U

Vera (on right), music therapist, assists Melanie with chocolate covered pretzel making.

Tanette Tuttle shows off her best 'spider woman' smile.

Students helped to make, and eat the spooky snacks.

Kim Mumper chose a to be a waitress for Halloween this year.

Jason Rosales, as Batman in Repose.

Tina and April show off their costumes together.

Artistic Director Shelley RuggThorp paints Darren Crow's face.

Darren shows off his pirate paint!

Carol Ryden is a very happy pumpkin princess.

Alexis D'Luna had much fun in her 'Jasmine' costume.

Halloween fell on a Monday this year and the students of Hope University had some fun.  Our annual Halloween party was a hit to be sure.  There were spooky snacks, 'bobbing' for chocolate covered pretzels, paper hat making, face painting, a 'pumpkin walk', a costume parade and of course, lots of dancing!  Here are a few comments from the students about this years Halloween party:
"I really like the music."
Lori Slikker
"I liked all of the decorations that we made."
Kris W.
"I had fun in the costume parade."
April Renick
"Getting to dress up like a witch was fun."
Joanna Buon-Cristiani
"I liked doing the pumpkin walk game."
Margaret Kelley
"I liked everything!"
Tanette Tuttle