Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Etsy Sneak Peek...Shhhhh.

Autumn Orange mono-print decoupage frame.

Underwater Fantasy mono-print decoupage frame.

The artists at Hope University are always making wonderful things for our boutique and Etsy shop.  They create faster than we can add it!  Here is a sneak peek at some new items coming soon to the Hope Handmade at  Don't forget to start your holiday shopping early.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Etsy Updates for September

Napa Valley Purple Grape Felted Bead Barrettes.

Coastal Pine Green and Red Felted Bead Barrettes.

Hope U Student April makes a wonderful hand model for our wrist warmers. 

Robin's Egg Blue and Spring Green Hand Knit Wrist Warmers.
Hope University's very own Etsy shop has been busy!  We have sold 4 items, one pair of wrist warmers and 3 felted wool bead barrettes.  This week in Etsy class we updated some inventory and added another pair of wrist warmers and two new felted wool bead barrettes.  Above are some views of these new items and as you can see our product is selling well.  Now would be a great time to get in some early holiday shopping while our items are in stock!  So be sure to stop by the Hope Handmade Etsy shop to view the entire collection of items to make your selection. All of the proceeds from the sales at Hope Handmade on Etsy go directly to the students and their program. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spirit Week Staff Talent Show!

Rene Cortez singing opera.

Shelley RuggThorp singing with the students from our group The Hi-Hopes in accompaniment.

Vera plays the flute with Susie on piano.

SuzAnne singing opera.

Steven Noguera playing classical guitar.

Lisa brightening up the stage with comedy.

The Hope University students enjoying the staff talent show.
Michele V. & Vera O. sing karaoke for the students.

Our Spirit Week continued with a Staff Talent Show.  All of the staff at Hope University are artists in their own right.  Hope has visual artists, writers, singers, performers, musicians, painters and fiber artists.  On the day of the Staff Talent show, some of the performing artists were able to show off their craft.  The students were treated to a wonderful show of opera, classical guitar, flute, piano, and a comedy performances.  Shelley RuggThorp sang with some of the students from our performing group 'The Hi-Hopes' as accompaniment.  The students enjoyed seeing their instructors on stage and marveled at their amazing talents.