Monday, May 19, 2014

Art Show and Mall Field Trip

Students admire their artwork on display at the mall.
All smiles in the food court and a stroll around the shops.
Keith shows us his artwork on display.
Oscar thinks his piece is #1.
Allison is very proud to have her art work on display.
Keith is taking a moment to relax.

Darryl is excited about the food court.

A relaxing lunch in the mall food court for Lauren.

A ray of sunlight is a perfect lunch spot for Darren.

Ben and Jenny take a moment after lunch to people watch.

VSA California sponsors a wonderful show of artistic talent every year at the Westfield MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California.  Artists with physical and intellectual disabilities are given the opportunity to showcase their art, music, dance and drama in the mall.  Each year Hope University participates in the weekend festivities and takes a field trip to see the artwork on display and enjoy some time outside of the classroom.  
Here are some favorites of the day:
"I enjoyed seeing the artwork on display, some of it was very nice."  
Amy L.
"I liked going to the mall, walking around, getting out of school for the day and keeping cool in the air-conditioning."
Margaret K.
"The mall was nice and cool, the day was so hot.  I liked seeing all of the artwork and paintings."
Jenny D. 
"I really liked seeing the artwork of my friends up on display, it was very pretty."
Rene S. 
"My favorite part was the food court.  I liked choosing my lunch.  Seeing the puppies was fun too."
Michelle E. 
"I saw a painting of a piano with different colored keys.  I thought about the music and sounds it would make."
Darren P. 
As usual, the food court was a big favorite.  Having the opportunity to choose, order and pay is very exciting.  The mall had so much art from schools and programs all around the Orange County area that it was hard to pick a favorite. The Disney store and the candy store seemed to be the most visited.  We had such a good time that we are already looking forward to next year's trip to the Westfield Santa Ana MainPlace Mall for the VSA show.