Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Field Trip to the Queen Mary in Long Beach

On August 25th, 2008, Monday, we went on a field trip to the Queen Mary in Long Beach California. It was a perfect day for a field trip to the water. The boat is amazing and huge! Did you know that the Queen Mary is TWICE the size that the Titanic was? Well it's true. We were able to go on a guided tour of the ship and we learned a lot about her. One of our favorite places on the ship was the 'Winston Churchill' suite. It was very big and had great closets! The wood in the ship is just beautiful. The tour guide told us that there were over 50 different types of wood used in the interior of the ship. Here are some photos of us on our field trip. One is of Jim standing in front of the Queen Mary, another is of Cathy and Paul in front of an English phone booth and there is a wonderful photo of Jim, Cesar, Michael and Darren getting ready go up the gang way into the ship. You can see what a beautiful sunny day it was. After visiting the ship we went to a picnic area near The Aquarium of the Pacific for lunch. We were right by the water and were able to watch harbor cruise boats and pelicans come and go. It was a great day.