Monday, April 6, 2015

A Featured Artist...

"Lacher Love"

"The Land of Dreams"

"Through the Sand"

Amy is very proud of her artwork.

Amy Lacher is Hope Center's new featured artist.  She loves color and works mostly in colored pencil.  She also colors with her words as can be seen here in one of her recent poems 'Through the Sand'.  Amy's personality is as colorful and cheerful as her art work!
Here is what some of her fellow artists have to say about her art:
"I like the way she drew the water in her piece "The Land of Dreams". Joe V.
"I like her use of pink and purple in 'Lacher Love' ". Michelle E.
"I like the negative space at the edges of 'Lacher Love' ". Carol W.
"I really love how the colors and the palm tree pop out in her piece 'The Land of Dreams' " Justine A.
"It ( Lacher Love) reminds me of a colorful octopus." April R.

Amy's fellow artists are very impressed and proud of Hope Center's current featured artist, Amy Lacher.

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